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My name is Danielle Jackson and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as the President of the Pi Alpha Chapter this year. Every day, these women show me how lucky I am to represent such a strong, diverse group of girls on our campus. Their passion and desire to change the world and those around them is incomprehensible, and truly admirable.                         

I am so thrilled to welcome you to our site and to allow you to see a little glimpse into Delta Zeta at the University of Florida. Here, you will find the foundation on which our sisterhood is built, and I hope that this website helps you in your journey of choosing your sisterhood that will last a lifetime.

As you enter college at UF, you will begin to search for your place in the world and meet the people who will be your friends for life. At Delta Zeta, we foster growth in our women and we constantly push each other to be the best version of ourselves. Outside of Delta Zeta, we take pride in the contributions we make to the campus and throughout the Panhellenic Community, as a whole. We are all so thankful to be a Delta Zeta, but we truly could not do it without amazing women like you.

The women of Delta Zeta share a common purpose: to make life fuller, more meaningful, more rewarding and to enrich other’s lives in the process.

By joining Delta Zeta you will be part of something that defies words, but you have to experience it for yourself! 

With Love,
Danielle Jackson
Chapter President